Pros of Natural Stone Pavers for Both Residential and Commercial Spaces


When in search of paving supplies for your exterior spaces, whether commercial paving or residential paving, you will find you have a host of products that you can consider. Concrete, undeniably, remains a popular option due to the ready accessibility that it offers, but concrete is not the only choice that you can consider. In recent times, more people are looking into natural supplies rather than manufactured products. And one natural supply that is making waves in the paving industry is limestone.

24 May 2019

How to Repair Minor Damages on Your Asphalt Driveway


One of the most common materials for laying a new driveway is asphalt. It's cheap, durable and looks good. If you are the owner of an asphalt driveway, you probably don't have a lot of complaints. However, one thing that asphalt suffers from more than alternative materials for a driveway, like concrete and bricks, is cracks. Pits and cracks usually appear on the asphalt after a couple of years and can be dangerous if not fixed.

12 October 2018

A Guide for Homeowners When Paving Driveways


Driveways, whether made of gravel, bricks, or asphalt are a welcome addition to a home's landscaped features. With proper maintenance, a well designed and constructed driveway can last for years without needing replacement. However, to achieve such a long lifespan, the paving procedures should be meticulous, including a stable foundation using road stabilisation for the pavement to be laid on. Therefore, care should be taken when preparing pavement layers. This article is a guide for homeowners when paving their driveways.

9 February 2018

Understanding Your Options for Repairing a Sports Court


When a sports court needs any type of repair to its overall surface, it's best to get this work done as quickly as possible. A bumpy and uneven surface, chips and cracks, divots in grass or clay, and other such damage can be very dangerous to players and can allow for even more damage to the court and a completely ruined surface over time. Note your options for repairing a sports court surface so you know how to do this yourself, or what to discuss with a sport court repair person if you should need to call in a professional.

31 August 2017

Guidelines for DIY Pattern Paver Installation


Pattern pavers can make your yard to look spectacular if you implement the insider tips and tricks that professional contractors use for such projects. This article discusses some of those tips that you can borrow in order to achieve pro-like results when you install your pattern pavers. Consider Your Permeability Needs How much water runoff passes through your property when it rains? Pattern pavers can be an avenue that you can exploit to deal with that runoff.

17 August 2017

3 Steps To Take To Transform Your Old Concrete Driveway With Texture Coating


Driveways aren't the most glamourous part of your home's exterior but they are an important feature that's used on a daily basis. Your driveway may be a functional feature but it also makes a significant contribution to the overall look and street appeal of your home. Depending on the state of the driveway, this may not necessarily be a positive contribution. If you have an old and unattractive concrete driveway that is in a state of disrepair, you'll be pleased to know that there is a fast, easy and cost-effective solution available.

3 August 2017