Improve Your Garden With New Paving

Hello! Is your garden looking a little run down? My name is Jackie and on this new blog, I will be passing on everything I know about how different paving solutions can make your garden look great. Although I am not a professional, my interest in paving began two years ago when I decided to help a friend who was carrying out renovation work on her home. As part of the work, I organised for paving contractors to come in and lay a new garden path. I was so impressed, I hired the same people to work on my home and I decided to learn all I could about the topic.

Advantages of Spreading Natural Stone Tiles Around Your Home


If you're looking for a substance to spread beauty across different areas of the home, why not consider natural stone tiles? They'll last for years and won't wear out, so long as you follow sealing recommendations. Plus, they're incredibly versatile, suiting different areas. Read on to discover the advantages of natural stone in more detail.

Colour and Species Variety

When decorating with natural stone, you'll have a massive array of hues to adopt. Blue, tan, ivory, green, peach, and cream are just a selection. Each species — such as travertine, granite, slate and marble — offer a characteristic look. Marble gives a translucent luxurious feel, while slate is more rustic and earthy. Dark granite is hard and elegant, and creamy travertine is classic and warm. Thus, you can create endless looks with natural stone.

Complements Glass Showers in Bathrooms

Natural stone tiles are ideal in the bathroom as an accompaniment to a glass shower. Though glass is sleek and smooth, it can leave the room with a cold, bland feeling unless you incorporate other earthy, colourful substances. Natural stone, with its organic patterns, is the perfect complement. Rock enhances glass, and the reverse is also true. Because a glass shower is transparent and minimal, it showcases gorgeous stone tiles to the full. The two elements don't compete with each other but make each other better.

Unifies Indoors and Outdoors

Because stone is so hardy, it can cover both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Thus, with foresight, it provides the perfect way for you to connect both living spaces. One way to do this is to continue the same flooring on a patio and the room that leads to it. You could cover both with slate tiles or pavers, for example. To make the connection even more seamless, don't forget to continue the effect across any intervening steps that connect the floors. Alternatively, you can merge indoors and outdoors more subtly by repeating the stone on a kitchen splashback across the patio, as flooring or surrounding a fire pit, for example.

Perfect With Rugs

Natural stone tile floors offer fantastic flexibility in decorating rooms as you can transform the look with different rugs. Even a massive rug requires no installation process — though it might be unwieldy and need more than one person. As the flooring shapes the entire room decor, being able to alter it with a rug switch is an excellent capability. Additionally, the contrast between smooth stone and soft carpet adds an appealing visual contrast.


20 October 2020