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Hello! Is your garden looking a little run down? My name is Jackie and on this new blog, I will be passing on everything I know about how different paving solutions can make your garden look great. Although I am not a professional, my interest in paving began two years ago when I decided to help a friend who was carrying out renovation work on her home. As part of the work, I organised for paving contractors to come in and lay a new garden path. I was so impressed, I hired the same people to work on my home and I decided to learn all I could about the topic.

Places to Consider Epoxy Flooring, Both Residential and Commercial


Epoxy floors are formed from a mixture of polymer resins and hardeners that are spread over a concrete slab. The epoxy mix melds to the floor, forming a hard cover. You may wonder where you can install these surfaces. You can install them virtually anywhere indoors, in both commercial and residential spaces. Here are some ideas.

Home Garages

The reason that epoxy floors are perfect for garages is that they resist hot tyre marks, oil and chemical spills. You can easily mop the floor to clean the shiny, non-porous surface. This is an upgrade from unfinished concrete, with its porous surface, which can quickly look grimy and grubby. Epoxy floors offer plenty of design options to make the most of a garage.

Contractors can sprinkle numerous elements into the epoxy mixture, which comes in different colours. You could choose a tan-coloured epoxy, which could be decorated with brown and ivory paint chips. These chips will give the flooring a speckled appearance. You have a wide variety of colour choices to pick from, including vibrant reds, if that's what you're after.


The durable nature of epoxy floors that makes them suitable for garages also makes them appropriate for many commercial environments. You might have a restaurant that requires new flooring. You could create a sophisticated look by opting for metallic powders or light reflective pigments that can make the floor look like burnished copper. Epoxy floors with ivory and silver pigments can mimic marble. Once the decorative elements are broadcast, they're swirled with long-handled trowels or other implements. 

Regardless of what meals or drinks are spilled in a restaurant, the flooring will be easy to clean and won't be ruined. These floors don't have grout lines, like tiles, they cover the floor smoothly and thus don't have grooves that catch debris.

Powder Rooms

You can also install epoxy flooring in powder rooms, in both commercial and residential spaces, as they form a hygienic cover. You can give a small space some pizazz with a faux terrazzo design. For this, the contractors can scatter flakes of quartz, granite, and marble in various colours. They can use these elements generously or sparingly to create distinct looks. 

If the floor has a cream base colour and only a few tan and grey flakes are added, it will have a subtly mottled appearance with the base colour obvious. On the other hand, a stronger pattern is created with more flakes in contrasting colours.

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11 October 2022