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Hello! Is your garden looking a little run down? My name is Jackie and on this new blog, I will be passing on everything I know about how different paving solutions can make your garden look great. Although I am not a professional, my interest in paving began two years ago when I decided to help a friend who was carrying out renovation work on her home. As part of the work, I organised for paving contractors to come in and lay a new garden path. I was so impressed, I hired the same people to work on my home and I decided to learn all I could about the topic.

Cement Rendering: The Ideal Choice for Your Home


House rendering is a form of cladding that can revamp your walls completely. It comes with many benefits. For instance, house renders will improve your home's appearance, protect it against harsh weather conditions and rainwater penetration, and reduce your long-term maintenance costs. However, they come in many different options like lime renders, silicone renders, acrylic renders, clay renders, polymer-modified renders, and cement renders. These renders have different benefits and variables, including maintenance, price, performance, and environmental benefits. However, cement renders are an option worth considering, and here are the prime reasons why.


Cement renders are comparatively more economical than other render types. However, depending on the size of your home and walls, rendering can be a costly affair. Therefore, the pocket-friendliness of cement renders makes them the perfect choice if you are on a budget.


Cement is naturally strong. Its solid quality makes it highly insusceptible to damage over the years. What's more, it hardens with time, generously standing up to impact and harsh outdoor conditions for a long time. Its durability and strength also come with added protection to your home. By using concrete renders, you enhance your home's overall structural integrity.

Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners and manufacturers alike are moving towards energy efficiency solutions for homes. Therefore, it would be best to have energy efficiency in mind when choosing renders. Considering that, cement renders are some of the most energy-efficient options you will find, owing to their thermal insulation properties. That means you won't have to rely on your air conditioning too much when it's hot.


Many homes have masonry walls. Typically, cement rendering is applied to brickwork. However, you can still apply your cement renders to various masonry surfaces, making it a highly reliable option.

Aesthetic Versatility

Improved aesthetic appeal is among the many benefits that come with choosing cement renders. Generally, having multiple options to work with always goes a long way in creating a look that works best for your home. First, you can achieve a wide range of finishes with cement rendering, depending on your preference. For instance, using tools like stamps, brushes, and sponges, you can create different finishes from smooth to textured.

You can also achieve a variety of colour schemes with your cement renders. You can choose to colour the cement before the rendering is done. However, if you are still unsure of what colour to choose at that stage, wait until the render cures before you paint it. With multiple outdoor paints available in the markets, you won't miss an option that suits your preference. Reach out to cement rendering services to learn more. 


17 August 2021