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Top Things You Should Know About Asphalt Patching


If you're responsible for any type of residential or commercial asphalt, then you should educate yourself about asphalt patching. These are the things that you may want to know about this patching.

It's Common

If you think you need to have asphalt patching done to your asphalt, you should know that this is very common. It has to be done more often on really heavily used asphalt, such as asphalt parking lots. However, even residential customers often have to work with asphalt repair services to have patching done from time to time due to imperfections in their asphalt.

It's Done in Different Spots

Asphalt patching is quite literally "patch" work that is done in different spots around the asphalt surface, rather than over the entire surface. This is helpful since in many cases, asphalt is overall in good condition. However, there might be a few spots here and there that need repairs. In these cases, asphalt patching is an economical and effective way of dealing with holes and imperfections.

It Should Be Done Quickly

The sooner that you have your asphalt patched, the sooner you can enjoy asphalt that is in good condition again. Additionally, since asphalt holes and cracks can get worse when patching isn't done in a timely manner, your asphalt could degrade in quality a lot more, or repairs could get more expensive if you don't get them done when you notice that they are needed.

It May Have to Be Done Before Other Work is Done

If you are thinking about having other work done to your asphalt, such as sealcoating, then you should know that your asphalt repair professional might require you to have asphalt patching done first. Once it's done and once the asphalt has dried, then the other work that you need to have done can then be started.

It Should Leave a Smooth Surface

When asphalt patching is done by the right professionals, the results should turn out well. The surface of the area where patching has been done should be smooth and flat once the asphalt dries. Just be aware that you might be able to notice where your asphalt has been patched. It's normal to see darker spots of fresh asphalt where patching has been done. If you have sealcoating done afterward, however, it can help make this a lot less noticeable and can protect your entire asphalt surface, too.

For more information on asphalt repairs, contact a professional near you.


21 January 2022